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How Dust Suppression and Control Systems Improve Your Mining Business

Mining dust suppression in the mining environment is essential if your mine is going to meet both the local as well as the international health and safety regulations. Authorities generally issue a host of environmental directives and regulations regarding which pertain to the dust emission and if your company is not complying with these, penalties may ensue and you may also be endangering the lives of your staff.


A good solution to this problem is by investing in suppression mining dust control systems which help you with meeting these compliance requirements. This equipment will not only protect the employees, but they also reduce, in a significant way, the dust emissions that come from your site. This ensures that you are good corporate citizen contributing positively towards the health of our environment. There are compliance, health, business and environment benefits which will accrue from an investment in the mining dust suppression and control systems.

Mining companies need to invest in turn-key dust suppression systems that can provide them with the perfect tools to minimize, control as well as monitor the dust emissions from their sites. This is what will considerably improve the air quality thus contributing towards better health, safety as well as the integrity of the various delicate electronic installations and instrumentation that are critical for the optimal operations of the mines.

One company that can offer you the complete solution when it comes to mining dust suppression is the DMS Dust Management Services. The company specializes in the provision of the cutting edge dust as well as fume collection systems in Queensland and Western Australia. Its range of the mining dust suppression and control equipment include the following:

  • The Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • The Dust Collectors Used in the Mining Crushing Plants
  • The Camfil Far Gold Series Dust Collectors
  • The Reverse Air Dust Collectors

These are the complete solutions that will help control in all kinds of materials handling environments and processes. With these systems, you will be able to smoothly control the airborne dust in your premises without necessarily soaking your machinery sites or even products. The best thing about these mining dust suppression systems is that they are embedded into all the factory processes. As a result, it will be easier for you to control the dust in your premises without an investment in costly dust extraction systems in place. read more