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Smart Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re looking to sell, lease or purchase a commercial property, a real estate agent is key to the success of the transaction. While you are convinced about hiring a professional real estate agent, the trick is in finding the right one. There are many commercial real estate agents in Melbourne, but don’t take everyone at face value. You need to dig deeper about this person who shall be handling your very sensitive and important commercial property. They must be well able to bring you success and select the right commercial property for you. The following tips will steer you in the right direction towards finding the very best commercial real estate agent in Melbourne.

Education and experience

Like selecting a lawyer or a doctor, it should be in your interest to find out the education background of your commercial real estate agent. A licensed real estate agent can sell any type of property, but he might not have the knowledge to handle particular type of real estate transactions. The same way you wouldn’t take you tooth problem to a dermatologist is the same way you should be categorical when choosing an agent for your commercial property. Look for an agent who has advanced education in dealing with commercial properties. Designations such as CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Manager) can give you the assurance that an agent acquired training in commercial properties.

Experience is also an important factor to consider when choosing a commercial real estate agent. Has the agent dealt with a property like yours in the past? For how many years have they done it? With good experience, a real estate agent will be able to easily jump over all the hurdles involved in the complex real estate transactions.

Professional affiliations

Good commercial real estate agents in Melbourne belong to professional organizations and networks. Through such affiliations they are able to access information about new properties as well as new developments in the market and in the law. Besides that, professional organizations organize workshops and conferences where their members can be trained on new innovative techniques. You want your representative to be well informed. Professional affiliations also show that the agent is serious about commercial real estate business. read more