The Advent of Filming with Drones and UAVs

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have indeed made many daily tasks easier to accomplish. Good examples of this instance include Amazon Prime Air, which is a drone-empowered delivery service by air and CyberHawk, which is a drone-operated live inspection service. These two services provide a good indication of how advanced drones have become nowadays. The contribution of drones is yet to attain its optimum potential, even though they are already being utilized in a myriad of industries. Drone filming has in the past few years become a formidable pillar in the cinematography industry.

drone filming

The Need for Drones in Filming Cinemas

In the era of computer-generated imagery and billion-dollar blockbusters, getting exquisite shots while making films is an indispensable matter. Drone filming aids movie directors in achieving just that objective, having in fact altered the way directors shoot movies altogether. The directors are now employing drones for taking shots that appear somewhat impossible.

User-Friendly Nature of Filming with Drones

Modern drones are quite easy to operate and make it simple for cinematographers familiar with joysticks and remote controls to capture exceptional shots. Drone filming has made techniques such as aerial and crane shots naturally doable especially for good drone pilots. Cameras strapped onto drones come equipped with three axes stability that practically assures even inexperienced pilots of taking perfect shots. Check Hype Creations for more details.

Potential of Filming with Drones

There are numerous possibilities of involving drones in making cinemas. It was for instance difficult and nearly impossible taking footage of dramatic scenes like an erupting volcano, before the advent of drones. In fact, an undertaking of this magnitude would have been extremely risky for humans and even very far away for satellites to capture such moments. No suitable lens or shooting angle could be applied for effectively capturing such unique footage. In the past, footage of this nature would seem like a piece drawn from some natural science documentary. However an established drone filming agency can now provide the same quality of video footage as that taken on the ground by camera men.

Future Prospects of Filming with Drones

A new line of innovative and powerful camera-carrying drones are changing the essence of film making all around the globe. Large movie franchises have in recent time utilized drones to film some famous scenes. The success which has come with such filming techniques is so promising that one could expect that drone filming will eventually saturate the industry of cinematography in its entirety. Sure enough, the role of a regular cameraman is bound to evolve in the face of such radical shifts in application of technology. It is only an added blessing that a majority of film directors are by nature tinkerers who like learning new tricks in the making of movies.

It is crucial to ensure abiding by any regulations application to your area when taking films using UAVs. If unaware of how to capture tricky video footage in the best manageable way, approaching a seasoned drone filming agency in Brisbane might prove to be your most enlightening move yet! For more information, just visit us at

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