Innovative Ideas for Promotional Products

Trade shows and corporate events present a great opportunity to distribute promotional products UK and reinforce your brand. However, it is now a common practice for businesses to reach out to their target customers beyond these events. Whether outside a display store or other business gatherings, distributing promotional materials is becoming a common sight. This is a testament to the effective power of promotional products when it comes to helping a business grow. But in order for your products to stand out and become more effective in promoting your brand, you need to step out of the usual and opt for innovative ideas.

Your prospect clients might already be sick of receiving the customary t-shirts or promotional mugs UK as giveaways. Instead, try out these other functional and creative items that they will surely appreciate:


The idea to distribute powerbanks UK as a promotional item is functional. Hence, your prospects will appreciate this item when you give it to them. You can have them customized to feature your logo or business name in it. You can therefore make your prospect clients happy (especially since the use of powerbank is convenient for people on-the-go) and leave out a good impression for your business.

Desk Clock

This is an innovative and useful concept for promotional products UK that you can give out to your prospects with confidence. There are also a variety of designs to choose from, which you can use to determine what the best fit is for your target audience. However, this type of promotional item might be best when given in a corporate setting as it can be used in the office. You can have the clock customized to contain an embossed logo or name of your brand.

Can Holders

This is another excellent idea for corporate giveaways. In the office, you can make a lot of use for paper clips. Your corporate partners or prospects will appreciate this kind of memento from your business. It is also an inexpensive product to invest in so you do not have to spend a great deal of your marketing money.

Tea Bags

Try out this unique and creative idea for a promotional giveaway, especially since teas are popular in the UK. You will also leave a good impression on your business’ marketing department for coming up with a creative but useful idea. Read more here

Can Holders

Like the paper clips, this is another indispensable office product. You can give these out as promotional items in trade shows, exhibits and other similar events. The recipient will find a lot of use for it without necessarily going overboard on your marketing budget.

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